Brooklands 6

12/6 Brooklands was shown at the 1932 Motor show as a prototype then quietly dropped and forgotten but was the ancestor to the 12/6 TT cars


Freddie Dixon + at the 1936 Brooklands 500 race. Freddie Dixon started racing cars at the age of 38, after a long and succesful career on bikes, starting with a tuned Riley Brooklands, but soon progressed to 6-cylinder cars that he had built himself. Of the 3 cars, 2 are still running, the 3rd was scrapped by Dixon  in 1934.

Original Newspaper Articles:-

Brooklands Riley "Six." As motor-car sales for the past six months have only dropped by about 3½ per cent., I suppose one could consider that is satisfactory. Anyway, it has encouraged the Riley Company to produce their new Brooklands special speed model, with its six -cylinder 13-h.p. engine of 1486-c.c. capacity. As these Riley cars are entered for the J.C.C. 1000 miles' race and for the R.A.C. Tourist Trophy event, I expect my sporting readers would like a few particulars of these speedy cars. Based on the standard Riley Six," the bore of the cylinders has been reduced to 57.5 mm. from the original 60.3 mm., in order to bring the cars into the 1500-c.c. class. Three S.U. carburetters are fitted, so every pair of cylinders has its own mixture supplier. The compression ratio is increased to 8.2 to 1, which, I am informed, has in no way taken awav the smoothness of the running of the engine at any speed or even when ticking over. As a racing car for both road and track events, yet equally suit able for touring when provided with suitable coachwork, it is particularly strongly constructed for hard work. The underslung frame has tubular cross members, providing great rigidity where it is most needed, yet keep ing the centre of gravity very low. This season we shall see these new I½ litre six cylinder Rileys only on the racing track, as their makers wish to test them out under the most strenuous conditions. Next year I shall expect to view them as sports tourers, capable of holding their own with the Continental makes of cars that some of our sporting motorists will buy. The Brooklands Riley Six Special should add to the prestige of British cars and convert many motorists to believe our saying that British is best." The Sketch - Wednesday 01 June 1932

The  Percy Maclure IFS with the earlier Riley radiator = pre cowl,  Brooklands May 1939. Original picture owned by John Deveson  taken by his father

Percy Maclure IFS

Information from the  John Bateman book a mini History of Percy Maclure and the ERA development as a pdf click here

“It may be remembered that Percy Maclure drove the non IFS works single seater alongside Charles Brackenbury’s IFS car in 1936 B.R.D.C. 500 .Later he bought this car and fitted a Girling independent front suspension kit to it, almost certainly the spare set which was not know needed for factory use.” The offset single seater body was changed and the conventional TT Sprite pointed tail and Riley radiator fitted. (As seen in the 1938 J.C.C. International Trophy Race pictures). "  From The Styles book on Sporting Rileys as a pdf click here   "Maclure . . . famous 1 1/2-litre six-cylinder Riley, with Andre-Girling i.f.s. and this car was very active after the war and became the basis for Geoff Richardson's R.R.A."


racing car built by the Riley Dealer Hector Dobbs
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