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Riley Lynx Nine hp

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The Lynx was the biggest selling, longest running,most surviving   open  top car Riley built. Versions appeared  on every chassis except  the V8. The 1933 was the largest seller as the hood folded back into the boot making finding the battery isolator a grappling session through acres of canvas but looking stunning. As a four seater open car it  was more family friendly and at times woefully underpriced .  Upgraded for  the 1936 and ’37 seasons and the early part of 1938 to a 12/4, some with a road-going version of the high performance engine from the TT winning Sprite model,  capable of almost 85mph. Chassis number  A genuine  Lynx Sprite can be identified by the ‘SS’ Chassis number   prefix.)

*Limited car data is included here to allow checking if a real car ie started life as a Lynx, still a Lynx from club data. As not a Riley  motor club member information is only from the Riley register and part masked for your security. Any car may be checked by the clubs and if a member often extensive history is known. Cars are often better purchased within the clubs as cheaper, more likely to be genuine  with declared faults etc*

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,  &  those from other countries listed here

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1933 9 Lynx the largest number were sold this year

from Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News - Friday 10 April 1936 

Now for real anorak Riley stuff. . . Riley Lynx in  Films and TV.

1933 Riley Nine Lynx in Poirot, 1989-2013 ***Chassis number  US 1514)
1933 Riley Nine Lynx in Pennies from Heaven, 1978 ***Chassis number  ALT 699)
1934 Riley Nine Lynx in Poirot, 1989-2013 **Chassis number  AFC 176)
1935 Riley 12/4 Lynx in Foyle's War, 2002-2015 **
1936 Riley 12/4 Lynx in Dance with a Stranger, 1985 ** = in story
1937 Riley 1½-litre Lynx Tourer in A View From the Bass, 1963 ****Chassis number  AMJ 354) in most of film

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,     Riley Pre war Specials   &  those from other countries listed here