Riley  Redwing  . . .One of the first models to bear a name.

"A lithe low-hung sports that responds to every whim, now drifting with the breeze, then racing with the gale. Speed greater than many men dare to use, comfort to the ultimate degree."

Introduced in 1922, Riley's 'Redwing' series was aimed squarely at the sporting motorist with  rear wheel drive,  a 4 door tourer body style. The 1,498cc 10.8hp side valve engine had an aluminium crankcase with a detachable cast iron block and detachable head with a three-bearing crank. Attached  to a four-speed non-synchro gearbox  which transferred power to the spiral bevel drive rear axle via an open nickel chrome tubular steel propshaft. Suspension was by semi-elliptic springs all round with Hertford friction dampers, attached to a shortened 9ft version of the  touring chassis. Steering was of the worm and full wheel pattern with front brakes only, although from 1925 four-wheel brakes were offered along with Marles-type steering. Wire wheels were standard, shod with 710 x 90 cord tyres.

Guaranteed to be capable of 70mph at 3,500rpm on level ground, the Riley Redwing could safely rev to 4,200rpm so up to 90mph was achievable. Victor Gillow winning the Light Car Handicap in 1924 at 77.5mph and achieving 81.63mph at the August Bank Holiday Meeting in the same year.

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,    &  those from other countries listed here


1924 Riley 10.8 'Redwing' 4-Seater Sports from Brightwells Auction with a known history

Cars  1924:-    HP 9679 ( Chassis number C233* 10.8 side valve),       ?* ( 653* side valve),
1925:-      FG 10* ( 69651* side valve), ; RW 4326 also shown below,        RW 1925, this is a museum numberplate ie Redwing 1925
?* ( 699* 11.9 side valve),      AYB 88* ( 654*10.8 side valve),
     ?* ( 683*    side valve),
1932:-     NX 3315 ( 110*  side valve),

Age/data unknown XW 7559 some of these are on the Facebook forum so non members of that may get no image, apologies etc

Age/data unknown GJ 5418

In Oz in 1958 GBV 744 but pic is fuzzy   plus another current Australian one  click here

HP 9310 a special made from real bits

Contemporary pic in Traffic

All these images from a pretty original interior 1925 Redwing  for sale on ebay

Riley Sidevalve engine