Riley Sprite

One of the last of the Riley sports cars using  a special version of the 12/4 engine employing differing cams, magneto ignition, a larger sump, new water pump, with later cars using a cross-flow head. The chassis was the same design as the  MPH (underslung at the rear, overslung at the front), with extensive use of lightweight racing parts, and 13ins Girling drums .

**Warning any racing car  Riley or other marque will have had numerous engine, gearbox and body tweaks to keep it competetive so the ratio of parts worn that are as they left the factory after such a period of time will be the source of endless debate. The purpose of this site is to list and archive information and have it freely available for all clubs not to answer which chassis or body cowl is worn at the present time or we will end up like the discussion of years back re the Bentley 'Old Number One' which graced the High Court for quite a while**

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 The cover from the book "DND 162 The competition history of a 1937 Riley Sprite"" by John Redman click here

Riley TT Sprite Media + Links :-

Another book is "Riley Sprite 80th Anniversary by Nicholas Lees "  click here    For the video ( turn sound down ) click here   Other  Riley books on the library page link above

For real nostalgia   BFG 1 & DND162 appear in the clip along with AKV 218 which is the prototype Sprite many thanks for the link to David Miller. . . all pages are under permanent construction ie better pics will be added plus information when found.

Unidentified Sprite @ here ..  turn up the volume as the car sounds glorious

Prescott Hill Climb 1946 Riley sprite, Bugatti etc click here for video

Riley Rob page click here

National Motor Museum chassis/Mike Hawthorn car click here

 Riley Sprite DUG 497 picture from Bonhams sale click here for lots of pics

AKV 218 driven as any Riley should be used
pics below are  of the same car when for sale in Belgium 2018 all pics from Marcel Roks

This particular Riley “AKV-218” was first registered on the 31st of August 1935 and was constructed by the works/competition department on an MPH type chassis. It is thus in effect a four-cylinder version of a Riley MPH and is the Riley Sprite Prototype. It received various engine- and brake-modifications by the factory. Once completed AKV-218 was used extensively by the works for competition events throughout 1935 to 1939. AKV-218 was also driven by Cecil Riley himself in late 1935 from Coventry to Calais and through France to cover as much Alpine Passes as possible before the winter weather would close them. He achieved 14 passes climbed in 8 days before returning to Coventry.. info from Marcel Roks

Remaining Known cars :- 24 + 

The last chassis and registration number is replaced with an *asterisk but is known to the clubs

1936 cars:-   AKV 21* (chassis number S26S242*,PROTOTYPE see below and above),      BDU 72* ( S26S269*,),      BRW 30* ( S26S387*,),     JY 795* ( S26S424*,click here),    CXY 38*  ( S26S463*,click here),     CVM 20*  ( S26S492*,),      BKV 8* ( S26S537*,),     

1937 cars:- DJJ 67* (chassis number S27S554*,),      DUG 49* ( S27S603*, click here),      CRW 91* ( S27S665*),      ASF 52* ( S27S629*,),      ETA 35* ( S27S634*,),      DND 16* ( S27S666*, see below),      ??? ??? ( S27S669*,in Oz),      DYV 24* ( S27S679*,),     DYH 44* ( S27S684*,),      BKW 76* ( S27S684*,click here),      EGH 19* ( S27S712*,),      APM 35* ( S27S706*, click here)     ,CCG 29* ( S27S707*,),

1938 cars:-     BAH 90*(chassis number S27S567*),      BCR 81*( S28S7693*, click here),      HPA 83*(S28S791*,),     EMB 13* ( S288772*, click here)     

Other Numbers to confirm  or add data to JBB 85*, ORE 60* DYV 24*, EHU 99*, DFC 78*, BOM 95*, CPO 30* and also , CNF 64*,

 There are also Kestrel Sprites, Lynx Sprites etc ( on the appropriate pages eventually ) as the Sprite engine was a £25 added extra plus tax. Those listed above are 'real Sprites' ie sold as such and not replicas/specials and as such are considerably rarer and costlier

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from the Blue Diamond/Riley Club Australia full magazine click here

Original newspaper reviews of the time :-

"A NEW RILEY MODEL The Riley Company are expecting big things of their new V-9 (factory designation number given to the newspaper NOT description). An engine of this type is prominently displayed on their stand. It enables a big, roomy body to be put on to a short wheelbase, because it is of the same length as a four-cylinder. In reality it is two 9 h.p. engines side-by-side. Its speed and acceleration are stated to be something really out of the ordinary. A " Sprite " is shown—an enlarged version of the 9 h.p. " Imp."  from the Coventry Herald - Friday 18 October 1935