Riley Trinity  ...

 The  Riley Trinity was another bespoke small volume car launched in  1932 and sold until 1934  as another 2-seater  using  the nine chassis, and puportedly some  on the wider less agile  6-cylinder chassis although none have survived. The name was from the three position hood which as the immediate precursor to the 1933 'lost hood' Riley Lynx was hardly a major selling point and a few survive but all are 1933 cars with one indicated safe  in a barn in Scotland and one used to be in Australia

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,  &  those from other countries listed here

Links Media etc :-  Riley Robs Riley Trinity page click here, a car history now lacking pics and info re registration click here

Remaining Known  TRINITY cars :- 4 + all 1933

AGP 25 *(Chassis number 602174*),       ALO 65*(602157*),       AUW 49*(602188*),      UN 667*(602152*),   + one was in Australia  


Chris Nunn's Trinity, many many thanks as the B&W are ugly pics !

The last chassis and registration  number is replaced with an *asterisk but known to the clubs .There will be others in other clubs and countries please click + email info