Riley Victor 1938

Riley Victor is the last of the real Riley's, the final design from the Coventry firm before the take-over by Nuffields in 1938 as a 4 door saloon ( USA sedan) body style with a front mounted engine powering the rear wheels. It's powered courtesy of a naturally aspirated 1½ litre engine   . As per ususal overhead valve valve gear, 4 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder. It develops 55 bhp (56 PS/41 kW) of power at 4500 rpm with  a 4 speed preselector gearbox on some models (seen below). Maximum stated speed is 117 km/h or 73 mp (downhill helps). Like the late model Merlins they were available with the overdrive 'box or a preselector, the chassis followed then standard Riley practice down to the open prop-shaft . It was available in 9hp and 12/4 engined forms, The body was another steel pressing of the four-door, 4-light type with a luggage boot at the back and spare wheel carried in the boot lid (dustbin lid type cover), while the engine was mounted further forward on this one to increase front legroom and improve weight distribution. The front had the new Riley grille with vertical chromed vanes later seen in the RM's and if owned a pain to clean well.  At £299 it was good value, but is now one of the rarest Rileys as so many many hundreds were destroyed by greed in the past few years with complete bodies being sold on ebay as the chassis and engine are turned into a sports car look alike for vast profit.

So so rare as chopped for specials. Luckily a few survive with one owner luckily having lots of pics plus another in a  pic from the Coventry Rally and yes there are less of these than TT Sprites or MPH's so join the club of rare Rileys.

In the British weather the lovely 'open tops' have limited use but the comfy four seater with a roof and large sun roof is a brilliant drive and woefully unappreciated . Try driving (in my case my Falcon) through deep snow with ease when modern cars and skating in style and then realise what the Riley company achieved so many years ago. (Front engine, rear-wheel drive + weight + high ground clearance). This car recorded below is a rare survivor and completely rebuilt and restored and now with a new owner.

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Remaining Known Riley Victor  cars :- 6 +

Riley Chassis plate prefix :- 28V = Victor Saloon ; 28VX = Victor Saloon with the Overdrive gearbox:- S68V

Riley Chassis prefix Victor Special Series with pre selector gearbox, 68V Victor Standard with preselector gearbox

1938 cars 12/4 unless marked as hp :- AHM 10* ( Chassis number 28V788*),Pictures above of this car and the extensive restoration with many thanks to Roger      BOW 1* / 71* EVE ( Chassis number 28VX7615*,      BAP 17*  ( Chassis number 28V749),      BDW 75*  ( Chassis number 28VX749*),       DZ  348*  ( Chassis number 28VX781*),       JA 980*  ( Chassis number S68V340*9),

Other Cars:-  BHR 63*,   No NumberDHP 722 in Africa or data page links inc engine click hereCPE 426,   ???VN

Video cunningly labelled Victor Special of 1937 rather than 1938 standard car , loud soundtrack warning

The last chassis number is replaced with an asterisk but known to the clubs .There will be others in other clubs and countries please click + email info

Original Newspaper Articles :-

 When the Riley programme for 1938 was announced it was generally assumed that the famous Nine would be seen no more. An eve-of-Show surprise was sprung by the Riley Company by announcing that the Nine would be continued in the form of the Victor saloon, although, if desired, the 1½ litre engine with dual overdrive transmission could be obtained. When the 9-h.p. engine is fitted, the Riley Preselecta-gear, a Wilson- type epicyclic gear-box with automatic clutch, is standardised. Despite the general tendency towards higher prices, the Riley Victor saloon sells at £299. This is a typical Riley in appear ance and finish, and there is ample luggage accommodation. The Sketch - Wednesday 20 October 1937


sorry for rubbish quality but was minute and pink!