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Riley Twelve & 16 hp by Nuffield .  another Very rare beastie

Many of the Nuffield 16's are also introduced here for ease of location and rarity

This model has suffered considerably as historically the Register covered cars until 1938 and the RM club from 1945 rendering them on their own with few spares and both clubs often making uninformed derogatory comments. They were designed by Riley as an Adelphi upgrade but adapted  to use some pre-existing spares both from Nuffield and Riley and are now one of the rarest models with more Imps surviving than Nuffield 12's and 16's. If nothing else they are the transition between pre war bespoke Rileys that bankrupted the company and mass produced RM's with many common design features. (They are also waterproof in rainy UK). Luckily an almost pristine example sold by Nuffield to the RAAF survives in Australia  as a pattern for any Uk restorations and recently a few have surfaced in barns and fields.

The Riley 12 was a medium-sized premium priced saloon (very similar to the Adelphi) or drop-head coupé (also available as a bare chassis) which was available from mid 1939 although it was not announced by The Motor magazine as a new car until July 1939. Only a few bodies were produced prior to the onset of war and the company turning over to 'war work' in September 1939, with some components were shared with Morris for economics . These interim models  incorporated a number of mechanical alterations mainly a Nuffield synchromesh gearbox plus a simpler design causing a visual loss of Riley character . New 'management' responded to the concerns of the marque's buyers by re-introducing the Kestrel 2.5 litre Sports Saloon in updated form, but as the factory was turned over to wartime production this was a short-lived development. After World War II, Riley took up the old engines in new models, based  on the 1936-8 'Continental', a fashionable 'notchback' design whose name had been changed prior to release to 'Close-Coupled Touring Saloon' owing to  objections from Rolls-Royce.

Production  of the twelve ended in 1941 with a few made probably after the last remaining parts were used and the model was not revived after the war but parts appear on many early Coventry  RM's.  Directly after the bankruptcy of Riley, the company's assets  had come into the hands of the Nuffield Corporation which had  drastically pruned and rationalized the Riley model range. This was  one of the two Riley models produced following that  until World War II put an end to Riley production Design.

The car superficially resembled a  Wolseley 12/48 with a Riley radiator shell. However  internally it used a modified version of the "Light Nine"  chassis  and  except for gearbox box & the rear axle the rest had already been used by Riley or were a logical development. Visually the car featured  helmet-style front mudguards and a bigger boot with a shell body over an ash frame as in the later RM's . Springs were semi-elliptic fore and aft. Brakes were by Girling with the handbrake only on the back. Steering was by Bishop cam, the column adjustable for length. The wheels were changed from the 'knock ons' to  bolt on disc wheels with hubcaps later re-used in the post war RM's. The engine was an updated version of the one previously seen in the 1935 Riley 12/4 model but now with a belt driven dynamo. This resulted in them  using Riley parts to construct a car 'more Nuffield' and the design when compared on the image page does flow between these and the RM. Parts also common to other Nuffield models are :-Steering box (Bishop peg), back axle (same as MG VA and Wolseley), and front stub axles (mowog cast in to spacer) Gearbox and Radiator core have mowog/Morris  cast in them. Riley parts were :-Front axle was from the Merlin; modified 1935 9hp  ie Merlin chassis redesigned to take a flat petrol tank an inboard flat spare wheel. The engine used a Sprite type cross flow and water pump based on the 16hp. The single timing chain used on RM's although meant for this car waited until post war . Running board strips replaced mats as in the RM's. Harry Rush had all the parts ready for the finished design of the RM on the earlier wide track chassis except  for the IFS which was left with the shelved design due to WW2 until after 'hostilies' ceased

Parts re-used on the RM series:- Hub cap design but sizing different as larger wheels; boot hinges on 1945/1946 cars and some estates; strong similarity to radiator grille and running boards; hood irons as used on the RM Roadster are identical and missing on fakes/specials; back wings as the RM front although similar have a cowl to hold a cheaper Lucas headlamp; torpedo lights of course; D lights as on the very early RM's  as the later ones used split lenses; the 1½ engines are interesting being very smilar to the postwar RM engine but with a sightly different sump, but particularly with a timing gears instead of a chain. They used to turn up in RM cars occasionally, and were a straight swap (thanks to Alec). . . . any more ?

1949 Transporter for Earls Court Motor Show, interestingly with Nuffield Wolseley's and RM's   This also shows the first hydraulic car transported used to take cars to the docks due to the export drive. Pic from FB group from Matthew Patrick.

1939 16hp  car on Wikimedia  the 16hp Saloon, was  an Adelphi (ish) fitted to the Nuffield-ised chassis. The cars later suffered as not Register material and not RMs so many were chopped as specials or starved with no club offering spares. Also surviving  1941 Riley 16 Kestrel EVC 880.

Further Reading :-

The New 12 Riley, Prioleau, John. The Observer, 27 Aug 1939
Riley 12 & 16, The Motor magazine 4 July 1939
Riley Register Series Volume 3 on pdf list here the very best sources as facts not opinions and underpriced

 Terenure Ireland 2014

In the Company Accounts & Balance Sheets to 31/12/1939 held at Warwick Univ. 574 12hp and 68 16hp are recorded as sold (now discovered that many were exported to Australia and USA/Canada so possibly as rolling chassis/nkd). In the 1940 Acc.& Bal. sales were £45K for 12hp and £13K for 16hp. In the 1941 A&B sales were just 12 hp @ £790. Some of the 16hp would have been 49K Kestrels but any 29S, SS or D's are to be treasured, and if you find a 49SS or D you have hit a jack-pot. . .

Known  Nuffield 12 hp Cars  so far :- Check the numbers on the chassis plate:-  June 1939- 29D/or/S 8001-8650? Nuffield 12hp Rileys 1939 onwards; June 1939- 49D/or/K/or/S 1501-1613? Nuffield 16hp Rileys 1939 onwards.  Build figures are 650 known to be sold of the 1939 saloon  no known figures for 1940 so possibly already constructed cars were sold . Also 100 total of Dropheads making a known record of 750 but a caveat recent research has located ones NOT on Vernon's list

**Export data shows 76 saloons,12 dropheads and 24 rolling chassis were exported and on present information many went to 'the commonwealth' as military staff vehicles on a deal between Nuffield and the govt to shift 'old' stock cheaply. Twenty are documented as going to the Royal Australian Air Force alone with the one below surviving in stunning condition** Two dropheads out of fifteen are known  to survive postwar  oddly six survive and are on the list below.

Prices 1939 :- Standard Saloon £310; Sprite/Special Series Saloon £335 (best £25 ever spent);

Prices 1940 :- Standard Saloon £341; Sprite/Special Series Saloon Saloon £368.10s ;

Prices 1939 :- Drophead Touring Saloon £335; Sprite/Special Series Saloon Saloon £360 

Prices 1940 :- Drophead Touring Saloon £368.10; Sprite/Special Series Saloon Saloon £396

Prices 1939 :- Chassis Only £235; 

Prices 1940 :- Chassis Only £266;

Media Sources :-

Riley Robs page

  No Uk number see  sale advert in Oz The known history is that approximately eight of this model arrived in Victoria in 1940, used as staff cars for the R.A.A.F.

BCL 627    chassis  29S 8234  The more usual way they are discovered ! Possibly for sale see owner of the pics

12 Drophead 1939 :-Riley Twelve Model 29S Saloon had a four-cylinder 1496-cc (69 x 100 mm) OHV engine, four-speed gearbox and 9 ft wheelbase. It featured several styling modifications. A drophead Coupé Model 29D was also available. Other 1939 Rileys are of the 16 HP type (saloon and drophead Coupé).
Riley Chassis Prefix  used was 28D for the 1939 car

Nuffield Cars Made (Information from Vernon Barkers booklet, Nigel Trotman & other sources):-Living/Surviving cars in Bold less than 20 as chopped by idiots (one in 2019 !) Booklets from the Riley Register pdf list here
Of the seventy seven known 12hp saloons  exported they have turned up 11 in Oz ( of the twenty known to have gone there), twelve in India, twenty one in Singapore, nine in S Africa, four in Uraguay (?), eleven in Ireland and Channel Isles plus Europe and one in Thailand . Twenty four were also sent to Oz as NKD or rolling chassis ( different sources state different formats).

AHH 897   chassis 29S 8222
AHH 950   chassis 29S 8308
ANL 560   chassis 29S 1601  registered 29-3-40  , not on DVLA
AVD 651   chassis 29S 8219
AVL 970    chassis 29S 8213
BAW 826   chassis  29S??      1939 16HP
BBE 571    chassis  29S 8363
BCL 339    chassis  29S ??      1939
BCL 627    chassis  29S 8234   shown above with a rust trim , has a spare body living there too... contact owner possible sale
BDN 873    chassis  29S or 29D
BDT 476    chassis  29S 8202
BEW 839    chassis  29S 8495
BFE 135    chassis   29S 8462
BFE 392     chassis  29S 8601
BFE 482     chassis   29S 8651 (8657?)
BHH 84     chassis   29S 8028
BHH 260     chassis   29S 8748
BKV 400
BLJ 755      chassis   29S          (16hp?)
BNT 654     chassis   29S 40    (16hp?)
BNT 686     chassis   1940        (16hp?)
BPM 640     chassis   29SS 8162  Special engine upgrade
BPM 799     chassis   29S 8364
BPN 91      chassis   29S 8361
BPN 170     chassis   29S 8475
BPN 415     chassis   29S 8100
BPN 941     chassis   29S 8500
BPY 217     chassis   29SS 8294 Special engine upgrade
BPY 646     chassis   29S 8309
BPY 692     chassis   29S 8704
BRG 305     chassis   29S 8633
BVJ 630     chassis   7
BUW 750  (chassis info' suspect) , not on DVLA
BVY 228    chassis    29S40
BWF 590    chassis   29S 8271  1939
BWF 652     chassis   29S         1939
CBL 702     chassis   29S 8071
CBK 178    chassis  29S 8551  (drophead), alive and used /confusion re chassi prefix and body ??
CBK 711     chassis  
CEL 829     chassis  
CLV 480     chassis
COD 616     chassis    29S 1508 registered 1/7/39,  
CTM 864     chassis   29S 8033
CUK 572     chassis   29SS 8378 (another Sprite/Special engine)
CUK 982     chassis 29S 1540   registered 30-9-39 Broken in late 1969
CUS 639     chassis 29SD 8124 *not on DVLA * Drophead CUS  693 see below?
CUS 693    chassis  29SD 8142   ( In Oz drophead may be the car below but error in plate new owner please check and confirm ), 
CWD 574     chassis   29S 8102
CWN 684     chassis  
CYS 565     chassis    29S 1501 registered 1-7-39,
CYS 883      chassis       registered 7-7-39   
CYS 733     chassis   29S (16hp?)
DAB 284     chassis   29S     1939
DAC 322     chassis   29S 8130
DAC 534     chassis   29S 8455
DCR 351    chassis   29S
DCY 298    chassis   29S
DCY 342    chassis   29S 8439
DDG 346    chassis  29S 8122
DDG 511    chassis   29S 8037 (8031?)
DFG 655    chassis   29S 8096
DFS 355    chassis    29S 8019
DFS 807   chassis    29S  1553 registered 1-1-40
DGA 141    chassis   29S 8447
DGA 28     chassis    29S   1511 registered 25-7-39 ,
DGA 460   chassis    29S   1537  registered  28-8-39 Possible Shooting Brake conversion,
DGA 5       chassis   29S  1547  registered 3-8-39 ,
DCA 638    chassis   29S 8331
DGB 727    chassis   29S 8440
DGB 896    chassis   29S 8638
DH /JPH 109      chassis   49D1526 30/9/40 Last Seen in Hull
DIN 434     chassis   29S 8004 Works registered for dealer collection
DIN 436     chassis   29SS 8133 Works registered for dealer collection (another Sprite/Special engine)
DKV 433  chassis 29S8002 Works Demonstrator,  March 7th 1939  (NOT DEV at RM info has it) One of the Earliest Morris Body Plant Supplied Bodies  Works registered for dealer collection
DKV 435  chassis 29S8036 Earliest Morris Body Plant Supplied Body,  April 6th 1939 Alive and taxed
DKV 493    chassis   29S (?)
DNG 915    chassis   29S 8357
DNM 17 chassis 29S1612 registered 11-5-40 Broken 1950'S  
DOD 170    chassis   29S 8056 57 (See also GAT 321)
DOD 310    chassis   ?
DOT 156    chassis   29S 8290
DOT 379    chassis   29S 8323
DPW 239   chassis   29S 8337
DUY 375    chassis   29S  ?     1939
DWU 647   chassis   29S 8407 Special
DXX 433    chassis   29S (DKV 433?)
EAD 155    chassis   29S 8399 Special? 
EAD 344    chassis   29S 8231
EDD 299    chassis   29S 8680
FMB 804    chassis   29S 8032
EDD 340    chassis   29S 40 (16hp?)
FRR 439    chassis   29S 8692
EDD 407    chassis   29S 8094
FTU 527     chassis   29S 8195
EDD 448     chassis   29S 8721
EDE 108     chassis   29S 8270
EDV 958     chassis   29S 8138
EG 5492     chassis   29SS 8151 (another Sprite/Special engine)
EG 5600     chassis   29S 39
EG 5723     chassis   29S ?? 1939
EHP 132     chassis   29SS8198 sold 1994  Information from Nigel Trotman/RM (another Sprite engine) originally owned by Jack Tatlow and possibly the original car developed by Harry Rush  Works registered for dealer collection
EHP 331     chassis   29S 8050 Works registered for dealer collection
 EHP 332    chassis   29SS 8198 Works registered for dealer collection (another Sprite/Special engine)
EHP 333     chassis   29S 8241 Works registered for dealer collection
EHP 334     chassis   29S 8232 Works registered for dealer collection
EHP 335     chassis   29S 8001 Works registered for dealer collection   Works Experimental Saloon,
EHP 336     chassis   29S 8305 Works registered for dealer collection
EKW 119     chassis   29S1528 registered 3/8/39 ,
EOD 407     chassis   29S 8048
ERU 996     chassis   29S 39 (Chassis No. also recorded as DOD 170)
ERW 303     chassis   29S 96
ERW 775     chassis   29S  1506 registered 30/6/38 WORKS DEMO, Works registered for dealer collection
ERW 776     chassis   29SS8376 Works registered for dealer collection (another Sprite/Special engine)
ERW 779     chassis   29S 8396 Works registered for dealer collection
ESM 456     chassis   29S 8103
ETC 947     chassis   29S 8338    93 Special
EWK 118     chassis   29S 8409 Works registered for dealer collection
EWK 870     chassis   29S 8549
EWK 983     chassis   29S 8468 Works registered for dealer collection
FA 7850     chassis   295 8184
FAL 525     chassis   29S (16hp7)
FAL 625     chassis   29S (?)
FCV 366     chassis   29SS 8450  (another Sprite/Special engine)
FCV 608  chassis  29S 8176 Alive and black
FEL 106     chassis   29S     1939
FEL 910     chassis   29S    1939 (16hp?)
FHN 991     chassis   29S
FLJ 755      chassis   29S     1940
FRR 439     chassis   29S 8692
FTU 527     chassis   29S 8195
FTV 870     chassis   29S      1939
FTV 136     chassis   29S       1939
FVK 615     chassis   ?
FXF 512     chassis   29S    1939
FXT 496     chassis   29S
FYF 333     chassis    29S 8115 90
FYT 181     chassis   29S 8480  Drophead, possibly by Carlton, on Saloon chassis (See BELOW)
FYW 634     chassis   29S
FYW 687 chassis 29SD 8585 in USA Information from Nigel Trotman/RM
GAT 321     chassis   29S 8056 (Also recorded as DOD 170)
GAT 939     chassis   29S 8683
GBH 283     chassis   29S
GGT 775     chassis     29D8418      registered ?-4-41, not on DVLA
GKA 506     chassis  
GKX 15       chassis   29S
GLG 739     chassis   29S 8345
GMB 145     chassis   29S 8547
GMB 164     chassis   29S 8426
GMB 396     chassis   29S 8685
GMB 603     chassis   29S 8701
GRA 929     chassis   29S 8255
GRB 559     chassis   29S 8550
GRB 650     chassis   29S 8688
GRB 674     chassis   29S 8736
GRB 879     chassis             16HP?
GTO 87     chassis   29S 8324
GTO 396     chassis   29S 8100
GV 7837     chassis   29S 8214
GWJ 292     chassis   29S
GWL 590     chassis   29S
HBB 962     chassis   29S BA27
HL 9668     chassis   29S      1939
HJO 476     chassis   29S      1939
HJO 935     chassis   29S      1939
HRF 5         chassis   29S 8192
HTN 269     chassis   29S 8067
HTN 506     chassis   29S 8152
HTN 969     chassis   29S 8259
HUG 412     chassis   29S 8316
HUG 413     chassis   29S 8196
HUM 713   ? in photo
HVK 100     chassis   29S 8299
HVK 103     chassis   29S 8300
HVK 189     chassis   29S 8271
HVK 431     chassis   29S 8356
HVK 137     chassis   29S 8264
HVK 649     chassis   29S 8505
JBB 255     chassis   29S 8489
JBB 459     chassis   29S 8504
JBB 547     chassis   29S 8640
JBB 573     chassis   29S 8391
JNW 147     chassis   29S 8497
JNW 413     chassis   29S 8714
JP 4668     chassis   29S 8137
JPF 691     chassis   29S 8349
JPG 267     chassis   29S 8143
JPG 793 , registered  July 1940  Blue alive and used
JRC 622     chassis    ?      1940
JRC 623     chassis   ?      1940
JRE 747   (saloon), alive and used (16hp?)
JRE 573     chassis   29S 8313
JRE 88O     chassis   29S BO53
JS 6384     chassis   29S (D?)(16hP?)
JV 7845  chassis 29SD8123  Sprite/Special Engined some somebody of taste as a first buyer ,
JV 7950     chassis   29S 8266
JV 8315     chassis   29S 8682
JV 8330     chassis   29S 8057
JX 7886     chassis   29S 8136
JX 7983     chassis   29S B3B0
JX 8072     chassis   295 8491
JX 8166     chassis   29S 8606
JX 8248     chassis   29S 8740
KMP 310     chassis   29S 8197 Re-registered  DL-69-31   in Netherlands
KS 8486     chassis   29S 8172
KS 8512     chassis   29SS 8175 (another Sprite/Special engine)
RN 9700     chassis   29SS 8131 (another Sprite/Special engine)  B0*
SH 6188     chassis   29S 8263
SN 9165     chassis   29S 1502 registered 6/6/39 for Dunbartonshire Police , not on DVLA  
SN 9172     chassis   29S 1501   registered 12-6-39  for Dunbartonshire Police, not on DVLA
SN 9180     chassis   29S 1503 registered 12-6-39 for Dunbartonshire Police,not on DVLA  
SW 6287     chassis   29S     1940
SW 6295     chassis   29S      1940
YJ 7515     chassis   29S      1940
ZD 500  chassis 29S 1578 Reg. 1939  In Ireland alive and used regularly),
ZV 3998  chassis ??  In Ireland ,

     . . . . .please tell me of more as I know they are out there !

Of the ten 12hp  DHC  exported six turned up in India/Sri Lanka, two in Singapore, one in Europe and one to ??? This reinforces the idea they went to ex Colonies for the Military and Civil Service.
AAH 940     chassis   29D 8256
AST 400     chassis   29SD 8496 (another Sprite/Special engine)
BPM 974     chassis   29D 8267
CUS 693     chassis   29SD 8142 (another Sprite/Special engine)
DAC 152     chassis   29D 8118
DKV 435     chassis   29D 8036 Works registered for dealer collection
EAD 203     chassis   29D 8343
EAD 401     chassis   29D 8503
EDD 652     chassis   29D 8478
EDV 893     chassis   29D 8160
ERW 774     chassis   29D 8371
ERW 774     chassis   29D 8477  Works registered for dealer collection
FOE 294     chassis   29D ?
FOJ 103  chassis 29D 8532  drophead in Ireland  alive and used ,
FTV 827     chassis   29D   ? 1940
FUU 383     chassis   29D?
FUU 384     chassis   29D?
FUU 376  now registered as 39-D-1 in Eire chassis 29D 8262 needs checking in Eire was alive in 1996

FVM 227     chassis   29D 8172
FYT 181     chassis   29S 8480 Bodied possibly by Carlton as a drophead on a saloon chassis so in both sections
FYW 687      chassis   29D 8585
FZ 8052     chassis   29D    ?
GAT 180     chassis   29SD 8482
GAU  138    chassis   29D 8273
GGT 775     chassis   29D 8418
GTO 520     chassis   29D 8654
HTN 300     chassis   29D 8148

CHASSIS  with lost reg  29S8012; 29S8161; and drophead 29D 8488 OR 8148;

Riley Twelve drophead Interestingly the hood irons are those of the RM Drophead as are the wings plus RM (almost) hubcaps showing the transitional design from classic pre war Riley to RM.  Number ???376 sold at  H+H

ANL 560 Chassis No. 49S 1601  registered 29.3.40 C
BUW 750 Chassis No.  49S  ?   D   Suspect Reg.No. Ref: Riley Record May 1941.
COD 616 Chassis No.  49S 1508  registered 1.7.39 C
CUK 982 Chassis No.  49S 1540 30.9.39 C Broken 1969.
CYS 565 Chassis No.  49S 1505  registered 1.7.39 C Chassis no. suspect.
CYS 883 Chassis No.  49S 1590  registered 7.7.39 C
DFS 807 Chassis No.  49S 1553  registered 1.1.,10 C
DGA 5 Chassis No.  49S 1547  registered 13.10.39 C Possibly built as a Shooting Brake
DGA 28 Chassis No.  49S 1511  registered 25.7.39 C
DGA460 Chassis No.  49S 1537  registered 28.8.39 C
DNM 17 Chassis No.  49S 621  registered 1. 5.40 C  was in Bedford. Broken late 1950s.
EKW 119 Chassis No.  49S 1529   registered 3. 8.39 C
ERW 775 Chassis No.  49S 1506   registered 30.6.39 C  Works demonstrator.
SN 9165 Chassis No.  49S 1502   registered 6. 6.39 C   Ex Dunbartonshire Police.
SN 9172 Chassis No.  49S 1501   registered 12.6.39 C Ex Dunbartonshire Police.
SN 9180 Chassis No.  49S 1503   registered 12.6.39 CEx Dunbartonshire Police.
ZD 500 Chassis No.  49S 1578   registered  39 A Republic of Ireland. Sole known survivor. Body No.l05. See illustrations page 91 in VB. and click to see at Rathfarnham Castle
At least  20 Saloons were exported during 1939/40 out of probable production of around 80,


JPH 109 Chassis No.  49D 1526 30.9.210 C   Last known  Hull early 1960s. See illns. p.93 VB
Two Dropheads were exported during 1939/40 out of probable production of around 15.

DHP 238   Chassis    ?   registered 25.3.18 Believed 16hp Possibly exported late 1938 Touring Saloon?
EF 6662   Chassis    ?   registered  2.2.38
EF 6710   Chassis    ?  registered 30. 3.38
FEH 361   Chassis    ?  registered 11.37  RRegister 1958 as Blue Streak
SX 4730   Chassis    ?  registered 25.12.37
SX 4798   Chassis    ?  registered 19.3.38
XG 6010   Chassis    ?  registered 5.38

Riley 12 Saloon  1939

1940  JPG 793 Riley Twelve Saloon from

16 hp Nuffield Pics from Wikiwand

  16hp Nuffield This pic solved a puzzle ie the origin of the boot hinges on EVE which are identical flat and not handed/curved. . . now I know why they had a set left postwar ! Also check the almost RM hubcaps and overriders ( here the RM angled ones did the job better)
In the Company Accounts & Balance Sheets to 31/12/1939 held at Warwick Univ. 574 12hp and 68 16hp are recorded as sold. In the 1940 Acc.& Bal. sales were £45K for 12hp and £13K for 16hp. In the 1941 A&B sales were just 12 hp @ £790. Some of the 16hp would have been 49K Kestrels but any 29S, SS or D's are to be treasured, and if you find a 49S or D you have hit a jack-pot. . . are any left out there or better photographs ??

Surely the worst Riley advert ever ???
Bancruptcy:-By 1937, Riley began to look to other manufacturers for partnerships. A contract with Briggs Motor Bodies of Dagenham to provide all-steel bodies for a cheaper, more mass-market saloon had already turned sour, with dozens of unsold bodies littering the factory. It had withdrawn from works racing after its most successful year, 1934, although it continued to supply engines for the ERA, a voiturette (Formula 2) racing car based on the supercharged 6-cylinder 'White Riley', developed by ERA founder Raymond Mays in the mid-thirties. BMW of Munich, Germany was interested in expanding its range into England. But the Riley brothers were more interested in a larger British concern, and looked to Triumph Motor Company, also of Coventry, as a natural fit. In February 1938, all negotiations were suspended. On 24 February the directors placed Riley (Coventry) Limited and Autovia in voluntary receivership. On 10 March the Triumph board announced merger negotiations had been dropped. It was announced on 9 September 1938 that the assets and goodwill of Riley Motors (Coventry) Limited had been purchased from the receiver by Lord Nuffield and he would on completion transfer ownership to Morris Motors Limited "on terms which will show very considerable financial advantage to the company, resulting in further consolidation of its financial position". Mr Victor Riley then said this did not mean that the company would cease its activities. On 30 September Victor Riley announced that Riley (Coventry) Limited would be wound up but it would appear that the proceeds of liquidation would be insufficient to meet the amount due to debenture holders. Nuffield paid £143,000 for the business and a new company was formed, Riley Motors Limited. However, in spite of the announced intention to wind-up Riley (Coventry) Limited, perhaps for tax reasons, continued under the management of Victor Riley presumably with the necessary consents of debenture holders (part paid) creditors (nothing) and former shareholders (nothing). Nuffield passed ownership to his Morris Motors Limited for £100. Along with other Morris Motors subsidiaries Wolseley and MG, Riley would later be promoted as a member of the Nuffield Organisation. Riley Motors Limited seems to have begun trading at the end of the 1940s when Riley (Coventry) Limited disappeared.. Nuffield took quick measures to firm up the Riley business. Autovia was no more, with just 35 cars having been produced. Riley refocused on the 4-cylinder market with two engines: A 1.5-litre 12 hp engine and the "Big Four", a 2.5-litre 16 hp unit (The hp figures are RAC Rating, and bear no relationship to bhp or kW).